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CLHIA has announced the withdrawal of G19. We are very pleased that CLHIA and their member companies have taken this step. We should also not lose sight of the importance of transparency for our industry. We hope this will now lead to a truly collaborative process with all appropriate industry stakeholders as we move forward and continue to serve our clients.

The G19 experience should also serve as a wake up call to group advisors that it’s never too late to add, and to communicate value, to our clients.

As noted in a recent update, a number of intermediary representative organizations, including Advocis, CALU, TPAAC and the Benefits Alliance Group, have come together to address our mutual concerns around CLHIA’s Guideline 19 (G19).  As a benefits advisor, you work diligently to provide value to your employer customers in what is a complex field.  Transparency around cost (not just advisor compensation) is an important element of the delivery of employee benefits.

As a first step, we would like to engage benefits advisors by asking you to provide us with your email address below.  We would like to keep you updated on our progress around G19 (and disclosure more broadly) through this communication channel.

In future, we may also look for your support and engagement in helping our industry develop appropriate best practices and standards around issues such as disclosure. 

Thank you for being part of something that we feel will raise the bar for our industry and thereby better serve our employer customers.

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